What a find!

A few days ago I went thrift store hunting with my best friend Maria.

Maria’s always raving about the local thrift store that she goes to. My friend loves showing me her finds at the store. She has invited me a lot and I have said no. This is because I didn’t like the method of digging through bins to find used stuff, but, after all the begging, I finally caved plus tagged along. In our past thrifting days, I never found anything worth searching for, so I didn’t have high hopes. However, once I put my preconceived notions aside plus started digging through the bins, I was pleasantly surprised. I couldn’t believe all the wonderful stuff I was locating, for such a low cost! I thought I was doing great until I stumbled upon a treasure in the mix. Tucked away were various packs of brand current air filters. I don’t understand why someone would get rid of brand current air filters, because you always need to have those on hand! The best part about finding the air filters, were that they were the precise brand plus size that I used at our house! It was like I was destined to find them. I quickly snagged the ac filters up plus went about the rest of our afternoon thrifting with my friend Maria. I was super happy with my find. I could not wait to bring those brand new air filters home and try them out in my HVAC equipment.



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