We need a new air conditioner for our downstairs area

It really doesn’t get that warm were we live.

I used to think that it got really hot during the summer months, but that was before I visited other areas of the country. I took a trip down south last summer, and I almost died from the heat. I could not believe how much hotter it was down there than it is up here where my husband and I live. We don’t use air conditioning that often, but we do use it during the hottest months of the year, July and August. We had a nice window air conditioning unit that we used for the past few years, but somehow we misplaced it. I have no idea how we could misplace something as large as an air conditioner, but we did. I try not to leave clutter anywhere in the house or garage, so it is not like the air conditioner is hiding in a pile of clutter somewhere. My husband thinks that maybe he lent it to someone and forgot about it. I don’t remember him lending our air conditioner to anyone, but then again, we can’t find it anywhere. It is the middle of June, and it is starting to get hot here, so we may end up having to buy a new air conditioner for our downstairs area. We have one air conditioner in our bedroom, but it is really small, and I don’t think it will cool the entire first floor like our other air conditioner did. I think we are going to have to buy another large AC unit if we want the downstairs to be cool again.


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