The Great Indoors

I swear my daughter thinks she would die without our HVAC unit.

She loves to stay indoors and hates being outside. I have always had to push her to play outside. Not that she’s lazy, but she doesn’t exercise as much as I would like her to. And I would like her to find recreation that doesn’t involve a screen. She is just too attached to the comfort our HVAC unit provides. I feel like my daughter is missing a vital part of her childhood. I have awesome memories of playing outdoors, sledding, jumping rope, riding bikes and skateboarding, among other activities. I remember living without air conditioning. The heat wasn’t that bothersome to us as kids as it is to us as adults. We played hard in the snow because we knew that we had a heater or vent to huddle near when we got home. My daughter won’t have those memories. I can barely get her to go swimming. Her comfort is very important to her.So, I decided that we could help her make her own awesome memories, without being camped up in the house. If she can’t be active outdoors, she can still be active. We started out checking on gyms together, especially the ones with indoor tennis courts that offered air conditioned comfort. We tried other activities that offered the comfort of air conditioning and heating, like gymnastics, dance, and martial arts. My daughter is old enough now to cruise the mall with her friends on weekends and she keeps busy outside the house. I no longer worry that she doesn’t get enough exercise.

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