The box seats with temperature control

I’m a huge college soccer fan. I wouldn’t say I’m a crazy fan though, but I appreciate going to a wonderful game plus being at the match with friends plus family. When my favorite college soccer team made it to the end, my dad surprised me with tickets. My dad even bought enough for me to take a friend with me! When I was looking at the weather for the game, I saw that it was going to be cold and snowy like. I was bummed, however I knew I could dress well in order to stay warm and comfortable. I decided to wear various pairs of socks, a coat, two shirts, a hat, plus pack more rain gear. I knew I’d be able to stay warm plus dry with these layers! On the day of the game, I put on everything plus met my father outside the arena before the game. When I arrived, my dad eyed me suspiciously, however didn’t say anything. At the stadium, my dad handed me the ticket plus I was in shock! Our seats weren’t in the cold and snowy weather, however in a business box! All of us had seats that were regulated by heat plus air, so we could watch the game with climate control while all the other people were getting snowed on. I felt a little bad for everyone that wasn’t me that day. But, I was particularly thankful for that temperature controlled box seat. I was warm plus snug. Turns out, I didn’t need all those layers after all!


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