Lessons Learned

To most couples, it probably wouldn’t mean much, but, my husband and I so rarely argue that it was a big deal to me.

My husband owns a small landscaping business and he works alongside his employees, getting just as hot, dirty and tired as they do.

He is a good provider. We have a decent house in a fairly decent neighborhood, plenty to eat and clothes to wear. I work at home and try my best to make sure that my husband has a comfortable house and a hearty meal to come home to. My husband often works six days a week, sometimes working alone on Saturdays. And, it was a Saturday that we had the argument. It was the middle of August and the air conditioner had stopped blowing cold air. I had no clue what was wrong with it and I didn’t want my husband to come home to a hot house after working all day in the hot sun. So, I called for an HVAC repairman and paid an exorbitant price for him to come out after hours. The air conditioner did get fixed, but the HVAC repairman informed us that we would need a new HVAC system by the end of the year. The HVAC repairman was leaving as my husband was pulling in from work and my husband was furious. Boy, did he lay it into me. He told me that we got ripped off and I should not have spent the money without consulting him, that the HVAC unit was his responsibility and I should have called him. He was right. Upon consideration, I realize that the fact that we need to replace our HVAC unit added fuel to the fire and I don’t feel as bad now. At least the air conditioning works.

Air conditioning repair

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