It is hard to find an affordable HVAC company nowadays

My husband and I have been looking for an HVAC company for a few weeks now.

We are in the process of building our dream home, and we need our air conditioning and heating systems installed throughout our new home.

We are almost finished, and we are definitely sick of this whole building process. To make matters worse, we just can’t seem to find an affordable HVAC company to do the work needed. Every company that we have called so far is charging outrageous prices. We simply cannot afford to pay what they are charging. We have friends that live in a different state, and they had the same thing done to their new house, and the HVAC company that they worked with only charged half of what these companies that we are talking to are asking for. We have a good friend who said that he would do all of our HVAC work if we needed him to. He said that it would take him quite awhile since he is older, and he can’t move like he used to. We didn’t want to take him up on his offer because we knew that it would be a lot of work and stress on him, but we may have to. We have two more companies that we are going to try and call in the next day or so. If none of them work out, we will be giving our friend a call to see when he can start installing our HVAC units. I just don’t understand why all of the HVAC companies in our area are so much more pricey than in other areas.



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