I sacrificed a lot so that my son could become an HVAC technician

There is a huge misconception that everyone who wants to become an HVAC technician can get paid for their training instead of having to pay for a degree.

That is not completely true.

There are lots of unions that offer HVAC training for free if you choose to work with the union company. However, not everyone is excited about becoming a union member, and most of those people will enroll in a local trade school or college to learn how to repair, inspect, and install furnaces, air conditioners, and other HVAC units. My son wanted to be an HVAC technician, but I warned him against going through the union to get his certification. While he may save money in the beginning by being paid to train, he will hinder his future by continuing with the HVAC union. My son was worried that he wouldn’t be able to finish his education as an HVAC technician, which is why I made sure that he could finish without every worry about debt. I spent years saving money so that my son could do what he wanted, and I paid his way through the HVAC program. Now, he is an HVAC technician, and he has plans to start his own HVAC company in the future. I am happy that I had the chance to invest in his future. For those of you who want to become union members of an HVAC group, that is fine. They have a lot of great options for HVAC technicians. However, I am glad that I could play a part in my son’s education.

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