I met the cutest HVAC technician last week at work and I think I’m going to ask him out

Last week at the coffee shop where I work, the electric furnace stopped working.

The temperature outside was cooling off more and more throughout the day, and so finally I called the commercial HVAC company that we deal with at work.

The commercial HVAC technician that I spoke with said that they were having massive amounts of calls about heating units from their customers all over town that day and that we were basically going to be last on the list. I wasn’t really sure what to do, since the inside of the coffee shop was already freezing and it seemed like the temperature was going down more every minute. I made the decision to run to the hardware store across the street and purchase a small space heater for the dining area in the coffee shop. I plugged that in and got a little bit of heating going that way. Next, I piled wood in the wood burning fireplace in the dining area and got a roaring fire going. Both of these things together started heating the place up a little bit. At least it was enough for us to stay open and sell lots of coffee, though. I think that because the temperature outside was so cold, along with the lack of heating in the shop, people wanted to buy lots more hot coffee from us to stay warm! The commercial HVAC company finally got to the shop at the end of the day and got our furnace fixed but I’m saving the space heater in the office at work, just in case this happens again.


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