I had to live in my car

When I got my new job, it meant a big move.

The company I work for told me they would take care of everything that had to do with the move, so I could just get right to work. I packed up my personal belongings and I took off three days later. I was excited to get to my new home. My car was so full that I could barely see out of the rear window. I was surprised that I left enough room to be able to drive safely. I was on the road for about two hours when I had to turn on the air conditioner. It felt really cool and refreshing and the next twelve hours on the road didn’t seem so bad. I pulled into the company parking lot, only to find that there wasn’t anyone there to greet me. There was supposed to be someone there to take me to my new apartment and show me around. I wanted to be ready for work when the weekend ended. I realized I had three days to kill after I made a phone call to the company manager. He apologized when he told me that the AC had quit working so they gave everyone a day off. He told me to get a hotel room and they would pay the bill. Unfortunately, there was a big convention in town and there weren’t any vacant rooms to be had. I ended up needing to sleep in my car for the next two nights. I couldn’t wait to get out of the car and get a shower. I also couldn’t wait to get into an apartment so I could finally have some air conditioning while sleeping.

Cooling system

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