How to dress for an airplane

This month, my family decided to celebrate a couple getting hitched internationally.

It started as a small trip for me plus my new husband, but when we told our family about our travel plans, they all wanted to come with us! Now, there was a huge crew of us travelling across the ocean for a few days.

My husband and I were used to travelling as a unit, however only domestically. Some of our family members hadn’t left the state in over 10 years, so we weren’t sure how great the trip was going to go. Both of us tried our best to prepare all the family members, however there was only so much we could do. Since we were going over the ocean, we had a few hour plane ride. My husband and I are expert airline people, so we knew how to dress appropriately for a long flight. But, my family members did not. My little brother showed up in jeans and a t-shirt, which lead to him complaining about how freezing he was the whole time, you never know how the AC is going to flow on a plane. It is always best to dress in layers. We’ve been on flights where the air is pumping so much out of the overhead vents, that I’ve been left shivering uncontrollably. We’ve also been on flights where we can’t even feel the air cooling coming from the vents, plus I’ve wanted to strip down from the excessive heating. Airplane air is totally unpredictable, plus I’ve been warm and cold too many times to know better.


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