Good thing I love music more than heat

I care about music and incredible deal. I really love to jam to songs; I spend so numerous hours an afternoon just happily listening to songs and afternoon-dreaming. But I am actually picky about the type of songs I listen to, I wanted only super bass headphones for the best sound quality, with big padded leather cushions, that I personally believe have to be more oval in shape, not circular. Because of my incredibly high standards and personal tastes, I had difficulty finding the right headphones. Every one I previously found had some sort of flaw, and I didn’t plan on settling for less than perfect. Eventually, after a ton of research I had managed to find myself the perfect pair of headphones. They were a bright crimson and already had all of the features I wanted, the only complication is that the exact model of headphones was incredibly new, and the price tag was beyond sky high because of it. I knew that if I went ahead and purchased these headphones for myself, that I would spend my weekly paycheck on them. I decided to dive in and take the Financial risk, and any problems I face I will deal with. I purchased the pair of headphones and they were better than I ever imagined the first time I listen to them, and I was incredibly glad with my purchase. Unluckily, a single critical thing I forgot to consider was that my heating plan was old, and could easily die on me any afternoon, the gas furnace just happened the die on the afternoon I received the headphones. Now I could return the headphones, however after hearing one song that just wasn’t going to happen, so I decided Iwas just going to have to deal with the constant freezing until next month or two when I can get gas furnace repair.

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