Good idea getting them a smart thermostat

I have never seen my friends as pumped up as they were on their anniversary.

My friends have been living in the same home for nearly 25 years, plus it was in need of a lot of love plus work done to it.

The only problem, was that my friends were getting older, plus they didn’t have the strength nor the coordination to do any of it; If they wanted something fixed up, they had to hire a company or I had to do it. They’d had terrible luck with hiring in the past, so they halted all fixing until I could get around to it. I’d spent a good portion of the year renovating everything slowly, however they still needed 1 thing. They needed to upgrade their temperature control. The 1 the had was as old as the house, plus it was a little, white switch. I didn’t want to get them just any programmable thermostat however. Instead, I bought a smart temperature control! I knew it would be a little technologically smart for them, however I was confident they could learn or I could connect the smart temperature control to our ipad. So when they opened their brand current smart temperature control on their anniversary, they were overjoyed! I briefly explained all the positives such as efficiency plus air filter alerts, so they were eager to have it installed. Thankfully, I’d hired a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C serviceman to install the smart temperature control the following day.

a/c workman

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