Finding entertainment for my young one

Over summer time getaway from school, my child seemed quite bored at home. She usually would pace around room to room, looking for things to do and complaining loudly. So, I started occupying his time by creating a lemonade stand. She was instantly in love! There was a largely tied up metropolitan area nearby, that would be enjoyable for foot traffic and therefore business… Luckily for us, this month in particular was such a warm period, which hopefully would make people more open to buying an ice cold drink. With no cooling mechanisms nearby, I knew it was going to be a warm afternoon for everybody involved. My child squirmed in the heat, so I let her sit behind myself to stay in the shade. I actually looked pretty weird, a full-grown adult carefully resting at lemonade stand, and since my child was behind me, it definitely only looked as if I was there. Nevertheless, I started getting the sales both of us were looking for. However, what else could attract people to a lemonade stand? There’s only so much random crap people would want to buy. People are actually looking to escape the heat. That’s when I got the best idea, if I bring mini fans with me, that would attract attention to the stand. Sure enough, people were attracted to the fan more like flies to honey. The mini fans I sold for a few dollars each, and they sold out faster than the lemonade! They helped make up for the lack of a/c. People loved the tiny mini cooling systems! I sold through the entire box in an hour, so I started even crafting my own mini fans to sell. With selling the mini a/c units at the stand, both of us were able to make $200 in a afternoon!


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