Adding a woodstove to our cabin

My boyfriend plus I found an amazing cabin in the woods for such a low cost. We’d been looking for a small cabin for years, plus when we finally found this cabin, we fell in love. It was a tiny wood cabin with a lot of character. The price was small enough, which meant we could repair it up quite easy, while adding our own touches. The largest thing we needed to repair was the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system, or put in a new one. Sadly, there was no heat or air, which didn’t sit well with me. The cabin was going to be used in the summer plus Winter, which meant it needed both heating and cooling. My boyfriend and I could not leave the windows open in the summertime either, because there were animals that could get in. When we were deciding what we wanted to do for heating plus air, we went a different route. Instead of adding an electric furnace, we decided to put in a wood stove for heat. I had a wood stove in our childhood home, plus I always loved it. I enjoyed the amount of heat it gave off, plus how quickly the cabin heated up. I knew wood stoves were a lot of effort to clean and care for. But, my boyfriend said he was willing to do it for me. The cabin was located in the woods, which meant we had an unlimited wood supply! So that should not be a problem!

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