A really nice addition

Me and my spouse always go to this really upscale french restaurant sometimes when we want to have a nice upscale dinner and just have a great wonderful night out together.

We had been going here for about 2 years now, and recently the french restaurant had a great addition put into their place.

They got a zoned HVAC system! If you do not know what a zoned HVAC system is, it is also known as heating and air conditioning zone control. It is when you can have all different temperatures throughout a building or home using a few (or more) different thermostats. It is like having several central heating and air conditioning systems in one place to explain it easier. The french restaurant for sure needed it. Although it is a wonderful and classy place, there was some issues with temperature and climate control in the place. It would seem that when you went further back in the restaurant, it would not be as warm or cool, depending on if the heating or the air conditioning was running. The owners I guess figured this out themselves or enough customers complained. They actually did something about it finally! Getting heating and air conditioning zone control was the perfect answer. I have actually noticed that there are more customers too since they got the heating and air conditioning zone control put into the place. These people are really great! The owners are so nice I can not describe. I have not ever seen owners of a restaurant so friendly before in my life.
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