A rattling air vent

I heard the most interesting noise the other afternoon.

It sent me on an all-day adventure.

I was sitting in the den just reading and minding my own business. This is when I heard a strange sound. It wasn’t super loud or specific to an area, so I couldn’t find where it was coming from. I spent a long while walking around the house trying to find the mysterious sound. When I couldn’t find it, I gave up and decided to make something to eat. I was hoping the sound would go away. But, it did the opposite. After I was done eating, I heard the sound again, however it was louder plus more clear than before. I set out around the house in search of the mysterious sound again. The noise was coming from somewhere in our living room, but I couldn’t find where at for sure. Just when I thought I was getting close, the sound stopped. Frustrated but relieved, I continued with our evening as normal. 30 minutes later, the sound was back to haunt me! This time, I got on my hands and knees plus was determined to move every piece of furniture until I discovered what was making the noise. When I hovered about the air vent, I heard the sound clearly. This is when I realized that is was the ductwork. I noticed that the air vent was not fixed properly. It was loose. Everytime our HVAC turned on, the air vent rattled when operating.


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